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Graveyard background – The world’s biggest ship graveyard

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Graveyard background – The world’s biggest ship graveyard

Graveyard background –  ship graveyard in Bangladesh




The world’s biggest ship graveyard into a multibillion dollar. Right. There’s a ship graveyard in Bangladesh. Which is the world’s largest. The size of 19 football fields where ships go to die and be destroyed. But this business gains billions of dollars and a lot of lives are lost in it. Today we discover it ourselves. Into a multibillion dollar industry. The ship breakers. We got to the capital, Dhaka. It is the world’s most crowded city. But we’ll discuss that in another video. We decided to go to the other city, the largest city after Dhaka directly. It is Chittagong city. I know there have been other moments where it is right on the coast. This is a specialized city in destroying and breaking and death of ships. The largest ship graveyard in the world, and we’ll see it now. Welcome to Chittagong. It has one of the biggest harbors in the world. Even from Google, you can see the number of ships here is unimaginable. Also, the number of ships come in here getting broken and destroyed is unbelievable. We are in an area where filming is prohibited, no one can film here besides National Geographic, and then they prohibited filming in this area because of the sensitivity of the matter. These are the locals. These are the hardest workers, the hardest profession. You see these ships. They are the world’s biggest. Look, these are called ship breakers.

They break very big ships here because it’s expensive and riskier to break them there. American and European ships are sent here, so they risk with the Bangladeshis. They bring them here because humans are cheaper. Look at the fire. They cut all the iron. These are dragging the whole ship. They break the Hull ship in two parts. Look at this. We’re in the middle of this now. They are breaking and destroying the Hull ship to recycle it. 90 percent of Bangladesh is built with this iron. These are strong, hardworking men who work very hard to build Bangladesh, the world’s biggest ship graveyard. We really have to respect and appreciate the hard working men here how much they risk their lives to break these ships. A very dangerous profession. They have no experience and no appropriate. I mean equipment. This city is specialized in breaking, destroying and death of ships. They recycle them after they take all the iron, they restructure it and sell it after they smelt it, and they sell the rest of the ship chairs, couches and furniture. It is just insane. Not a lot of people knew about this. A lot of people discuss human rights here and how these workers are suffering. Now it’s a topic of interest. Seven years ago, National Geographic filmed here and it went viral. Our second day in a second harbor, now I will show you one of the world’s biggest ships.

It came here specifically to be destroyed. They are sold at about 20 million. Then they break and destroy it. They sell it in pieces which cost more than 80 million. There are many sites. Each one has an owner, and probably each owner is a billionaire. Because, as you know, ships are not cheap. Most ships can sail in the ocean for twenty five years, and then it has to be destroyed and recycle it. As we drive, we see all these scrap shops. They sell ships, items, chairs and sofas. They’re being sold here to the world. All these ships being recycled, this recycled chips, right? There are a lot of ship breaking companies here. Each one has about a hundred thousand workers. Each ship takes about six months to be broken. Look how it’s cut in half and thousands of workers here thousands and thousands. A huge number of them work here. The owner of this harbor, each harbor, has an owner. The owners try to take care of the workers to avoid lawsuits because the government brushes them after National Geographic documentary. However, this job is considered the hardest in the world. The workers face many risks because cutting ships can result in harmful gases because of some dangerous substances used in building the ship, which made the government issue strict measures for the workers safety when cutting.






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