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Glitter Go cultural & Festival seasons Glitter ! – Prachee Pakhare

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Glitter Go cultural & Festival seasons Glitter !

GlitterGo Glitter ! –

Prachee Pakhare





Shine & Shimmer in this Festive Season.

Tradition & Festivals are the part of our culture. We have been following certain trends since generations. Festivals are meant to perform Pooja & spread love. It’s the time to meet, greet, gift & spread happiness among family & friends.

Generation to generation tradition continued but fashion and make up trends evolved & changed.
2020 is the year most boring year so far. And now it’s time to charm up ourselves in this festive season with some energetic yet glamorous make up.

Navratri : 
1 – Oct 17- Saturday –     Grey
2 Oct 18- Sunday –          Orange
3 – Oct 19 – Monday-      White
4 – Oct 20- Tuesday –     Red
5- Oct 21- Wednesday – Blue
6- Oct 22- Thursday –    Yellow
7 – Oct 23- Friday –        Green
8 – Oct 24 – Saturday –  Peacock Green
9 – Oct 25 – Sunday –    Purple


Thanks to COVID 19’s blessings there will be no Garba & Ras Dandiya this year. But don’t get disappointed.

Some of us are doing Work from home but many have to still go to office. Plan your Navratri Office wear according to these colors. Any Ethnic wear including Saree & Salwar suites are inn this festive season. Palazzos & tunic tops will also give cool look to the young ladies.
October is a season of Heat. Hence you can wear light make up with some traditional jewelry. It’s an easy & convenient way to carry light make up throughout of the day.
Apply a Basic make up foundation & concealer which suites your skin tone. Wear a Lipstick which suites the color of the day of your outfit. Dab on some compact powder for a final touch up. Add on Bindi & Jhumki to your look as it will complete your festive look. Glitter – Go Glitter

Kojagiri Poornima : 

Glitter - Go Glitter !

Glitter – Go Glitter !

On 30 Oct 2020 here comes the Kojagiri Poornima which is also known as Sharad Poornima.

Glitter - Go Glitter ! 2

Glitter – Go Glitter ! 2

Hindus have a tradition to sing Bhajans, songs based on Moon stories & Bollywood songs, Antakshari, Dumb Charades, Housie, Musical chair etc. But this year all these activities will limit to Video Calls. Yet you can shine like a moon on video calls. Wear a Plain white or a black & white combination outfit. Apply Light Silver eyeshadow & diamond dazzling danglers is an ideal match for the Kojagiri Look.

Diwali :

Glitter - Go Glitter ! 2

Glitter – Go Glitter ! 2

Biggest festival in the whole world & Important to Hindus is Diwali. Bright Color Outfit, Glittery makeup & Desi jewelry is perfect look for Diwali. Sarees, Chudidars, Salwar suites, Pallazzo & tunics, Sharara, chaniya choli, kurtas, sherwaanis etc all such Indian Outfits has lot of demand in Diwali. It just gives you weddingwali feeling. So let’s begin with Diwali Make up.

After washing your face apply some primer all over. Then start by grooming your eyebrows using the brow wax and then set it with brow powder. Fill in all the gaps and get them in shape. Use some concealer under your eyes and on any pigmentation then follow it up by applying a foundation that matches with your skin tone. Glitter – Go Glitter

Glitter - Go Glitter ! 3

Glitter – Go Glitter ! 3

Use some concealer on your eyelids, this will form the base of your eyeshadow. Blend it and then set it using some loose powder. Apply a golden yellow eye shadow on the crease area and then top it off with a darker shade of yellow. Use a warm reddish color over this and bled it well. Use some dark brown shade on the outer area of the eyes to create some dimension. glitter liquid eye shadow over on the top to get the perfect festive look.
Use a gel eyeliner and wing it out & give a dramatic look. If you wish you can apply fake eyelashes and top it off with a dash of mascara so that the falsies blend in with the real lashes. This will accentuate your lashes and make them look gorgeous. Now use the transition color on your lower lashline. Use some mascara on the lower lashes as well and then just add a tinge of highlighter on your brow bone.
Then to contour apply a light colored foundation on your forehead, on the bridge of the nose, under your eyes, on cupid’s bow, jawline and chin and blend well using a makeup brush. Then use a beauty blender to blend further. Set with some translucent powder. Then add a dash of bronzer on your cheekbones.
You use any lipstick shade of your choice suiting with your outfit. Lipliner use is a must.
To add a pop of color on your cheeks, use a warm pink blush on the apples of your cheeks and some highlighter on the cheekbones.
You can match your outfit with traditional accessories & you are ready to glam sham this Diwali.


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