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flood relief camp – The Watergate.

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flood relief camp – The Watergate.


flood relief camp – A portable and self-rising dam that protects your home or property from the dangers and damage of flooding





Watergate. A portable and self-rising dam that protects your home or property from the dangers

and damage of flooding. It’s instant flood control, protection and prevention can stop or limit the

flow of water or redirect it elsewhere. Watergate works against the water pressure, which unfolds the

barrier and uses the waterway to hold the water back. The amount of protection that this innovative

inflatable dam offers ranges from six inches to five feet high. These Watergate water barriers are also

used to create temporary coffer dams when conducting work in aquatic environments. Additionally,

they serve as an exceptional anti-pollution system in the event of a toxic spill and quickly inflates into

action to prevent the spread of hazardous materials. Created and developed in Canada by Mega Secure,

this intervention system has itself locking water barrier that is a useful and effective alternative to hundreds of sandbags.

With over two decades of experience under its belt, Make a secure is a world leader based on

his tenure in offering integrated water management solutions from emergency measures,

natural disasters to flood management. Watergate’s carefully researched and tested design makes

it quick and easy to deploy after it does its job, it can be easily deflated, transported and stored.

Small units come with carrying bags or wraps for proper storage. Another storage option is deployment

crates that store several three connected units that are ready for quick deployment.

It lays out flat and then rolls into position itself rises with the flow of oncoming water. It’s durable and flexible.

Flood intervention tool also conforms to any surface. Equipped with built in weights,

the Watergate is stable and won’t roll. It can also be used in extreme temperatures,

and its units connect for unlimited lengths. That’s why Watergate is perfect for flood or hurricane preparedness,

swelling rivers, flash floods, a broken water, main fire hydrant maintenance,

as well as to create a water reserve. Watergate is considered the fastest and most practical

intervention equipment on the market. This genius invention is made of high quality raw material

and is a time saving super cost effective flood intervention tool that is reusable for years.



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