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Film Making Courses In Bangalore – Script Writing – 3

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Film Making Courses In Bangalore – Script Writing – 3


Film Making Courses In Bangalore – Script Writing – 3







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This worksheet will help you to break down your script into few small sections.
You do not have to use this worksheet as a “formula,” but look it as a tool to
navigate through your script.

For your initial stage of writing, I strongly recommend that you should look at it.

Script Title:
(Write it now, even if it is not final)

Logline is a one-sentence, “25 words or less” description of your screenplay.
should have a clear beginning, middle, and end.

Write yours. You can revise it later, if you want.

Opening Scene

The opening scene is an starting point of the protagonist’s journey or an image,
a setting, a conversation, an object that is essential to the plot, etc. This is to
give your audience a “snapshot” of what the rest of your film might look like, or
what your film is all about. It should draw the audience in.

Describe your opening image in the space below.

Setting Up

All the important characters, your protagonist, antagonist, and supporting
characters) in your main plot will be introduced now, or at least hinted at. How
are your characters unique, what is their problem and how is their world
including what is the conflict?

Write down your conflict and a few features that make each of your
characters unique and the world of the story.

Inciting Incident

The world of your protagonist as described in the set up, will now turn upside
down through one incident. Losing job or getting job, falling in love or out of
love, killing someone or someone is killing him or her etc.

Describe your inciting incident in the space below.

The Big Decision

Here the protagonist will either decide to jump in or may be forced to jump in.
It is the point of no return. Story takes a major turn.

write why he or she should decide to jump in.

Into the Wide Unknown

This is a big decision for your protagonist leaves his old world behind and steps
into the unknown or new world.

Below, describe the moment where your protagonist steps into the “new

Subplot/ B story/ Relationships

The subplot, also known as the “B story” starts here. New character, opposing
character or the supporting characters join here. gang or love story are some of
the common subplots.

write your subplot



Having Fun

This part of your script helps your audience get to know what your characters

and your story are all about. This is the portion of a film where most of the
trailer clips come from.

Write your fun and other details here.

The Midpoint.

It’s the point where the fun is now over, and it’s time to get back to the story.
The midpoint of your script can be tricky. This is where your protagonist thinks
that things can’t get any better or any worse. The trick is that neither is true. The
story is only halfway over, and things are going to get worse before they get
better. Though it looks like her journey is almost over, it has only just begun.

Below, describe the midpoint of your script.





The Antagonist Returns !

Your protagonist has already had some run-ins with the antagonist, and has
been successful so far in keeping him or her out of the way. After the interval,
your protagonist may believe that the opposition is nowhere. But he or she
doesn’t know, that the antagonist has been getting ready to come back with a

Describe how your antagonist hits back.

“All is Lost”

“All is Lost” is a false defeat. Everything that could go wrong has gone wrong
for the protagonist. The antagonist has come back with a bigger force or a
brilliant plan right when
your protagonist thought all his or her problems were gone for good. The defeat
is such a huge loss that the protagonist is ready to give up on his or her dreams.

Describe your “All is Lost” moment.

The “Ah Ha!” Moment

This is the time, when your protagonist pulls him or herself off the floor and
back into action. Often, with the help of the supporting characters, he or she will
come up with a brilliant plan to finally defeat the antagonist. This is the moment
where protagonist goes through major changes, including as if having a new
life. That’s “Ah ha!”

Write your Ah ha moment.



The Climax.

The climax is how your protagonist wins against the antagonist, by learning or
using the lesson he has learnt. He gets what he wants – freedom, money, girl or
boy, saving the world etc.

Describe the events that lead to your climax,




This is a place where whatever you started, comes to the final end. Happy or
sad, together or separate, dead or alive, hugs and cries, etc. or simply giving time
for the audience to breath.

Write your resolution

If you cannot pin point to all the things right now, it’s perfect as lot will be
added later. This worksheet is meant for your support to get the things in place.

Film Making Courses In Bangalore

The end



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