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Film Making Courses In Bangalore – Film Making – 2

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Film Making Courses In Bangalore – Film Making – 2


Film Making Courses In Bangalore – Film Making – 2





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The two things you need and will never get enough




In this 10-minute writing exercise, write as fast as you can without stopping to think or worry about
logic, spelling, or punctuation.

1. Imagine a picture or poster of your film in front of you. Imagine that the character in the picture
begins an action. Write for 10 minutes. Then put aside your work without reading it.

2. Do the same with a second picture.

3. Now list 10 sounds that are particularly evocative for you.

4. Make a list of five sounds that could establish the feeling-tone of the first picture.

5. Make a list of five sounds that could establish the feeling-tone of the second picture.

6. Note that silence is also a “sound.”

Creative Thinking

Where Do Good Ideas Come From ?

The creative process is often elusive. Just when you need to spawn a winning idea, it can’t be easily
jump-started. If you sit down with no preconceived ideas as to what you’ll create-either as a full
project or parts of one you’re already working on-and try to come up with a genius concept immediately,

you’ll likely sit there twiddling your thumbs and staring at the wall for a long time with no results.
Instead, try these (almost) guaranteed, drug- and alcohol-free methods to get the artistic juices
flowing :

Take a few deep breaths and go for a long walk or sit quietly and don’t think about it too hard. If you
just let it simmer in the base of your brain, eventually good ideas will rise to the surface.
Watch a little TV, thumb through a magazine, or read a book. Try not to become too involved in the
stories you see or read, but look away from the TV or printed material before a story point can be fully
explored, and create your own take on what might happen next. You might just create a whole new story
on the spot.

Mull your problem over just before going to sleep at night. It’s said that Robert Louis Stevenson
plotted the entire story line to Treasure Island while sleeping.
Brainstorm with other people. This is, by far, one of the best methods for churning up and honing ideas.
gather in discussion groups. Everyone throws in ideas until one really clicks with the whole group.
Then flesh out the idea, add details, discuss how and where shooting will be accomplished, and delegate
tasks among yourselves.


It’s good to have a group leader/moderator for this session perhaps the director, who has the final.


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