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Fight for Honor in ‘Men of War II’ Game on

Play the “Men of War II” game

and fight for honour on

five new titles will be added to the GeForce NOW collection, which members may anticipate.

GeForce NOW users get access to a wide range of gaming content, including epic narratives, fresh experiences, and cooperative games.

No Glory, No Bravery

With painstaking attention to historical accuracy and authenticity, the next game in Fulcrum Publishing’s real-time strategy series, Men of War II, takes players to the front lines of World War II.

There are many different types of troops in the game, such as infantry, aircraft, and tanks. Men of War II offers a variety of gaming options and sophisticated enemy AI, making it an engaging game for history buffs and casual players alike.

Prepare, strategize, and get ready to change history. You can stream in up to 4K resolution, play games for longer periods, and get more gaming time with a GeForce NOW Ultimate subscription than you can with a free membership.

Explore the world, solve mysteries, and build alliances or rivalries with other survivors in the cooperative online play mode.

Take a trip with these reliable friends by purchasing a GeForce NOW membership. You may play for up to six hours straight with a Priority membership, and eight hours if you have an Ultimate subscription.

Take Up Some New Games

Use weapons to take out opponents one-on-one and eliminate them with a single blow. Die by the Grindstone Blade. Take out some old Japanese weapons and go into a samurai punk scene. Engage in online or local multiplayer games with pals, engage in online tournaments where you take aim at random individuals or arm yourself with weapons and destroy everything.

Defy adversaries in close-quarters combat and become an expert at one-hit killing.

Take a look at this week’s lineup of new games:

Men of World War II
• Cut Dead by the Blade
• Palworld (available on PC Game Pass on Steam and Xbox)
• Colony Survival (available on Steam)
• Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition (PC Game Pass and Xbox available)



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