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embroidery fashion – Traditional embroidery of India

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embroidery fashion – Traditional embroidery of India


embroidery fashion – Traditional embroidery of India – Rupali Jagtap

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1. Kasuti of Karnataka
2. Embroudery of Kutch
3. Embroidery of Kathiawar
4. Kashida of Kashmir
5. Kantha of Bengal
6. Chikan kari of Uttar-pradesh.
7. Phulkari of Punjab
8. Chamba Rumal of Himachal Pradesh
9. Embroidsy of Manipur
10. Appliqe work of Bihar.
11. Gold and Silver Embroidery


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Indian embroidery is a form of handicrait which is well know all our the world. Embroidery

is an embullishment of an existing fabric with accessary threads and sometimes with materials.

The Romans haus called an embroidesy as pointing with needles. Decoratives elementes.

The Romans such as fish skin, teeth, bones, feathers, horns, shells, bettle wings, tosseb,coins,

buttons, metal and mirror are also used for creating unusual effects. ( embroidery fashion )

The primary function of embroidery is to embellish textiles alredy created to meet man’s basic

needs the vedas and an the epics of india, especially Mahabharata. The axient idea of embroidering

pricious metals and in fabrics in something remarkable. Today beads & looking, glass have

substituted thuse taken of wealth and wealth and glamour.

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Needle work in the most primitive times was used for joining and For strength and when

thus to a preception of its ornamento possibilities, the beautiful art of embroidery come

into existence. ( embroidery fashion )

Embroideries like kashida, phulkars. kasuti some of the out standing types to be covered in India.

several embroidery design have been listed in the manufacture of textiles.

The Decca muslin kinkhabs, banarasi brocade . Hyderabadi himous. the petoles of

Kathiausol etc. to be regarded
as further stages in the development of fabric with the help of loom.

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Rupali Jagtap



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