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electric bike kit – pedal powered noises electric motorcycle

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electric bike kit – pedal powered noises electric motorcycle

electric bike kit – Germany’s Award-Winning ear rocket




Germany’s Award-Winning ear rocket, a pedal powered noises electric motorcycle that in essence,

works as a bicycle but has the power of a motorcycle.

Like an eco friendly rocket, this electric ride uses modern battery technology,

runs completely emission free and is economical in consumption or zero percent emission,

100 percent emotion, as the company notes. Dubbed the human hybrid man and Machine,

the rocket doesn’t have a throttle, but instead seamlessly adapts to the intuitive

pedal control and uses handbrakes to slow you down. This unique and innovative

pedal feature utilizes muscle power multiplication, which electronically register the

drivers is muscle power. This, in turn, gives the rocket a huge boost and also

simultaneously assists in charging its battery. By leisurely pedaling with little

resistance and without fatigue, the rocket can reach breathtaking acceleration

at a top speed of 55 miles per hour or eight or nine kilometers per hour. Legally,

the rocket is one hundred and twenty five CC motorbikes that can be driven in public

and requires a driving license. Its range is 120 kilometers or 75 miles,

which is contingent upon payload, driving, style, road, surface, incline and climate.

It’s 52-year-old lithium ion batteries made by Swiss manufacturer Eco Walter with

a capacity of 6.6 kilowatt hour, and it can be charge in a standard plug socket or

in an external plug in charger. 

It’s charging time takes up to five hours. The rocket, which is manufacture near

Germany’s capital, Berlin, is lightweight, weighing 120 cagy or 265 pounds and is made

of high quality aluminum frame with swingarm and dumping various carbon applications.

An air sprung customizable for its front suspension is adjustable and has a 37 mm upside down fork,

and its rear suspension has a two hundred and three mm shock absorber with an adjustable preload.

Sebastian Satoko Type kit, a German extreme stunt athlete,

took the rocket for a test drive on the German autobahn and reportedly said,

I have driven a decent number of bikes from Kawasaki to Suzuki, Yamaha and Honda.

All models from 600 cc to 1100 CC, everything was already there,

but I’ve never experienced such a mixture of physical activity similar to

cycling and is incredibly good acceleration. It’s doubling the fun.


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