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electric bike in Mumbai – A Sleek electric motorcycle

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electric bike in Mumbai – A Sleek electric motorcycle


electric bike in Mumbai – The Mono racer






The Mono racer, A Sleek electric motorcycle that has an enclosed cabin,

which offers the comfort and safety of a car, and it doesn’t have the deafening noise of a motorcycle.

This do passenger seat belt equipment eraser with a 400 kilometer range

Allows you to safely Feel the Rush and freedom of a classic motorcycle.

As you float over the ground at a two-foot seat. Height is ideal for long

distances when compared to traditional motorcycles that expose you to

the elements and are more susceptible to risk.

Developed by Czech Republic base pair of it’s easy is eye-catching Electric cabin

motorcycle as a top speed of 250 km/h 155 miles per hour.

It accelerates 0 to 100 km/h 0 to 60 miles per hour In less than 5 Seconds.

The mono racer gives a maximum performance of hundred 30 kilowatts.

173 horsepower at 5820 RPM. It has a maximum torque of of 200 newton meters.

The mono racer offers maximum safety and comfort with the

original paribus AMG lettuce seeds.

It comes equipped with high quality loudspeaker. So you can cross your favorite Tunes, or you

can have some peace with its smooth, powerful and noiseless electric engine.

It’s fast charging feature, which will last up to four hundred kilometers

when fully charged, makes the monetary Zone Extremely valuable tool

when it comes to the future of your purse, Personal Mobility.

It’s equipped with a Lithium-Ion high-voltage battery with a hundred cereal box.

And each pack with 24 parallel cells in the remedy, poxy Safety box.

It has 35 hours charging time to 80% five hours charging time to 100%.

It has a self-supporting composite body based on Aviation materials

with integrated safety frame made of ice. Still, in the event of an accident,

The driver will never face the frontal Collision Thanks to its super hard and durable cabin.

An egg shape in combo, accompanied with a multi-point Safe built guarantee for maximum safety.

electric bike in Mumbai – Some of them wanna race has additional features, include blue,

tinted windows USB and 12-volt car Outlet charging ports,

reversing camera GPS navigation, electrically controlled sunroof,

multifunctional LCD touchscreen With joystick Control on steering.

If that’s not enough, It also includes bi-xenon, front light heat and air

conditioning system Heated rear view mirrors, heated windshield,

Mercedes-Benz interior upholstery and electrically powered,

or with automatically locking luggage compartment. 




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