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Earn using mobile phone – money from Mobile phone ?

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Earn using mobile phone – money from Mobile phone ?


Earn using mobile phone 


Friends, in Today’s era, money can be earned from mobile phones sitting at home. Here we are going to give you some tips which you can follow and earn good money sitting at home. In today’s time no one gets a job easily, in such a situation we can earn good money sitting at home through our mobile.

How to earn money from mobile phone ? 

Friends, you are not going to invest anything in the way we are going to tell you.

Through this you can earn money without investing any capital. Today many people want to earn money sitting at home but they do not know any way of this. We have brought some tips for such people.

If you work hard through your mobile, then you can earn from 10 to 50 thousand rupees from home. We want you to work on a platform where you do not have trouble in getting money.

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1 – Blogging – earn using mobile phone

Blogging is a way through which you can easily earn millions of rupees.

In the case of online earning, blogging is at the top. If you earnestly, you will earn thousands and not millions. But it is not that blogging career is such that it started blogging today and tomorrow, money starts coming. Blogging takes a little time to earn good money. .

If you start blogging from today, your income can start in 5–4 months. If you start working from advanced level, then you can start earning in 2 months.

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Although blogging career takes 2–4 months, but if you work hard, you can easily earn more than 50 thousand money every month.

2 – Affiliate Marketing – earn using mobile phone

Affiliate marketing is also a good platform to earn money from your mobile. There is no need to do anything in affiliate marketing.

The company which provides the affiliate product, you have to sell it to the public. In return, the affiliate product provider company gives you commission. If you have a blog, then you can easily earn 50 thousand in a month.

Affiliate Product Provider Some companies are named Amazon, Flipchart, Whooper, Snapdeal etc.

3 – Social Media Marketing – earn using mobile phone

Many people do not know that money can also be earned from social media. They use social media only for entertainment.

But there are many people who are making good money through social media. There are many social media sites that you can earn good money using.

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Facebook, Twitter, Google Play, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc. are such sites from which you can earn good money. Facebook is a site from which you can easily earn money. Many people are making good money by creating pages in Facebook. .

When your Facebook page gets 2000 likes then you can monetize your page and earn good money.

To monetize the Facebook page, it is necessary to get two thousand likes on your page. Through Twitter and Google Plus you can also tell crores of people about your business in a very short time.

Through these two platforms, you can grow your business very quickly. There is nothing to do in LinkedIn. But here many companies provide you part time jobs.


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There is some job that can be done through your mobile. You will get a lot of online jobs through the LinkedIn platform from which you can earn money.

In Instagram, you can easily earn money by selling any photo. If you are a photo editor or you are a photographer, then Instagram can be a good platform for you.

4 – Android App Development -earn using mobile phone

App development is also a good and genuine platform to earn money from mobile. There are many tools available on the internet where you can create your own app with the help of mobile.

If you do not know how to make an app, then you can learn to make an app through the Internet. By searching on Google, you can learn to make an app.


5 – YouTube channel – earn using mobile phone

You tube channel is also a good platform to earn money from mobile. To earn money from you tube, your channel should have 8 hours watch time and 10,000 subscribers.

It can take you 1 year to gain it. If you can work hard then you can earn money from YouTube.

Keep making videos and putting them in your channel. When there are 8 thousand hours of watch time and 10,000 subscribers, you can easily earn money by monetizing the channel through ads. You can shoot videos from camera or mobile and keep putting them on the channel and keep making money.

These are the 5 platforms from which you can earn money from mobile. Friends, these are the perfect genuine platform from where you can earn money. Here you can also make your full time career.




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