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drone helicopter – passenger autonomous aerial vehicle

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drone helicopter – passenger autonomous aerial vehicle


drone helicopter – eco friendly and provides low altitude,

short and medium haul transportation.




The hang two, one, six and all electric two passenger autonomous aerial vehicle or a navy or air taxi that smart,

eco friendly and provides low altitude, short and medium haul transportation.

This innovative aircraft could be a game changer for the future of intelligent urban air mobility.

Designed by Hank, an HIV technology platform company, the Hang two one six is ideal

for forward thinking smart cities that want to safely and efficiently avoid traffic congestion.

The young HIV is equipped with eight arms that are designed to fold and therefore

requires minimal parking spaces. The Hang RV is equipped with a dashboard design with two

nine point seven inch tablets that enable real time interaction and monitoring.

It integrates an array of smart technologies such as travel info, media control, satellite navigation and flight media.

It has a double curved windshield for wider vision. Built with an aerodynamic design,

the air flows closely outside the fuselage, which reduces the drag coefficient and wind resistance,

therefore making the flight smoother. For optimal comfort and support,

it has ergonomic leather seats inspired by F1 sports cars. It also has an 18 inch luggage

trunk with seat belts that fast and luggage during the flight.

While some might be leery of aerial vehicles that fly themselves, it’s backed up by real time connection

and technology that eliminates the possibility of failure or malfunction caused by manmade errors.

Using 4G or 5G as the high speed wireless transmission channel, the Hang RV seamlessly communicates

with the command and control center. This allows for remote control of the aircraft and

real time transmission of flight data. Another plus for the Navy is this visual positioning for

vertical takeoff and landing, which doesn’t require the traditional infrastructure of a large airport or runway.

In just one hour, the AAA, we can be charged by two hundred and twenty volt or 380 volt power supply.

Its charging device communicates in real time with the aircraft battery management system or BMW’s.

Meanwhile, Exchange Abe is intuitive smart command and control center monitors,

dispatchers and controls early warning and cluster management. If conditions aren’t ideal,

the smoothest route will be selected and executed based on preset algorithm logic to safely

transport passengers to their destinations.



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