Doctor are vaccinated in covid -19 ? Yes, we

Doctor are vaccinated ? Yes, we

Doctor are vaccinated in covid -19 ? Yes, we


Doctor‘s in covid -19



Thanks to all scientist, Doctors and medical fraternity from the entire world, who did incredible job of finding vaccine on covid ,in such a short time.

As, everything is new , for all of us, all are praying that ,this vaccine.. should work on this deadly virus.
Yes, it will .

Maximum.. nearly 80 percent of the populations are going to get their vaccine soon.
Wait for your turn, don’t rush..

Don’t worry that you’re turn is not soon, at this moment some body is getting vaccinated, so ultimately we all are moving towards our safety only.

Its very simple,
please understand, don’t push, don’t try to use influence to get your vaccine, before your turn ,then you will be the culprit to start corruption. A very bad chain ..  Doctor are vaccinated ? Yes, we

If you push ..someone may give you duplicate vaccine, may cause side effects, or some danger to your life. or..
they may replace the original vaccine with duplicate, and the person , who will take it may face serious problems.

Just think of the consequences before doing anything illegal.

And then as usual , we are there to blame the government.

Now, its our responsibility to make this vaccination program successful.

Meanwhile ,to enter the herd immunity.. to get rid of this virus, please follow all the protocols, wear proper masks..

Be aware, now lots of people are getting infected ,because of little carelessness …..started attending… functions, marriages, parties etc. without wearing masks.

Please  Don’t do this .
we have come so far ,after so much of hardship, fighting against this pandemic. Doctor are vaccinated ? Yes, we

Remember, we will win the war against covid very soon, but please wear proper masks, till 80 percent of the population of entire world gets vaccinated.

Take care



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Stay safe, Stay blessed.




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