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cvs covid vaccine for All About Health

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cvs covid vaccine for All About Health. 

covid 19


Am collating the information I have about cvs covid vaccine . All this information is based on academic reports and sites trustworthy of scientific scrutiny.

1. Should I take a cvs covid vaccine? – Most definitely.

2. Why? – After it helps in create immunity against this specific virus, the probability of your getting COVID reduces. This protection is predicted to be available for almost 12 months. After you complete all doses of vaccination, you are very unlikely to die of COVID.

3. So one must take the vaccine for one’s own protection? – Yes, and to protect others as well. Because when the probability of you getting COVID reduces, the probability of others getting it from you also reduces. If many people take the vaccine, the probability of virus spreading reduces.

4. How long does it take to build immunity after vaccination? – 2-3 weeks after the second does. Till it gives a limited amount of protection. (Applicable to Covishield and Covaxin.)

5. Till then? – You can get COVID. Especially before taking the first dose, and 2-3 weeks after taking the first dose, you almost have no special immunity against the virus.

6. So I cannot get COVID after completing the

cvs covid vaccine doses? – You can get COVID. 2-3 people out of 10 are likely to get COVID after completing vaccination. But the chances of it being fatal are almost nil.

7. Then why take a cvs covid vaccine? – For reducing the chances of dying to almost nil (point 7), and to reduce the spread of the disease in the community (point 3).

8. What should be the time interval between two cvs covid vaccine doses? – For Covishield 2 to 3 months (If you take after one month the efficacy is around 55%, if you take after 2-3 months, it is almost 80%+), For Covaxin, one month.

9. How do I select which cvs covid vaccine to take? – This is a vaccine, it saves lives. It is not a soap brand to go shopping and make a choice. So take whatever is available. All vaccines are quite effective and safe.

10. Can I take one dose of Covishield and one dose of Covaxin? – If you hear English speech from the right channel of your stereo and the same speech in Hindi from the left channel, will it work? Or if you eat samosa and rabdi in a mix? (In short, NO).

11. Can I get COVID, BECAUSE of the vaccine? – No, you cannot. You can get it DESPITE taking the vaccine. You get COVID, BECAUSE of not wearing masks (correctly), or following other COVID-appropriate behavior.

12. Can I get a positive COVID test because of the cvs covid vaccine? – No, you cannot.

13. Will the cvs covid vaccine cause side effects? – Yes, some. Fatigue, body-ache and fever for 2-3 days. But can be managed by taking Paracetamol.

14. If I take Crocin (Paracetamol) after vaccination to reduce the fever and body-ache, will it affect the immunity it will provide? – No. Fever and ache (inflammation) is a natural immune reaction of the body to kill intruding cells like any virus and bacteria. This is called ‘innate immunity’. The virus that comes through the cvs covid vaccine is half-dead or just a part of it. So even if one does not get fever and ache, it is alright, it won’t affect you. The real work, that is creating antibodies to fight this specific virus is done by the ‘acquired immunity’. Let us say, that an intruder tries to get into your house, the security or the patrolling police will catch him (her) and give the initial ‘treatment’. This is the ‘innate immunity’. Then the Crime Branch or CID (like Inspector Pradyumna) will examine where the intruder came from, is he (she) from a gang, and what kind of traps should be set up next time he (she) intrudes. This is the ‘acquired immunity’. Their work will not stop if the Crocin reduces fever and inflammation!

15. Double mutant, triple mutant, variants, mutations: What about them? Will the vaccines work against them? – As of now, yes. When a virus copies itself in human body, they often go wrong. That is a mutation, a slightly different virus. The wrong copies can survive or die. But if such a copy survives, its behavior and effect on the human body might be different than the original. It might be more dangerous or less dangerous. The current mutations seem to be affecting a certain part of the virus (the one that sticks to human cells). So the current vaccines which have been designed to work on that part, are going to work, though their efficacy might vary a bit. But the more the virus keeps on circulating, the more is the chance of getting a drastic and worse mutation. The more scientists get to know about it, the better the cvs covid vaccines will get!

16. Can the efficacy of the vaccine be affected by other factors? – Typically not. But while storing, transporting or administering the vaccines, if it is not able to maintain an optimal temperature (2-8 degree Celcius), then it can reduce the efficacy of the cvs covid vaccine. So, do check whether the ‘cold chain’ is maintained for the cvs covid vaccine you are taking!

17. So, no masks after vaccination? – Quite the contrary. Till COVID goes away completely or at least is limited considerably, one must follow all COVID-appropriate behavior – masks, social distancing and hand washing.

18. But by now, we are bored of masks! Even a helmet is compulsory, but even if you don’t wear it, does it really make a difference practically? – The situations are slightly different. There is a storm going on outside, and there are reports of trees falling off everywhere. Will you venture out without a helmet? Basically, you won’t even venture out. But if you have to, you will surely wear a helmet, and keep an eye on falling trees. Assume that the current situation is like that.

19. Can I get COVID despite wearing masks? – Wearing double masks if possible (preferably N95 covered by a surgical मास्क or a cloth mask), making sure that there are no significant air leaks, not removing them (even while talking or laughing), not eating at a public place without a mask for a long time – If you follow these, you will not get COVID.

20. Anything else? – It is unsafe sitting in closed spaces without enough ventilation and air replacement. It is unsafe to be in crowded places. And it is very unsafe to read WhatsApp forwards contradicting this information !




Compiled by: Niranjan Pedanekar

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