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Creativity – Everything you can imagine is real

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Creativity – Everything you can imagine is real


Let’s get creative in our day to day lives and stay happy.


Priya Sathe

Imagine a world without creativity. We would all be leading identical lives, eating the same kind of food and doing the same sort of work. How boring would that be? Can we even think of living in a world without books, phones, electricity, internet, movies or music? How would we survive in a world like that ?


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All of us know what creativity is but if we were asked to precisely explain or define it, we might fumble.

Creativity is so much more than drawing, painting, sculpting, writing and designing. What is creativity then?

Definition in the Webster’s dictionary states- Creativity is marked by the ability or power to create – to bring into existence,

to invest with a new form, to produce through imaginative skill, to make or bring into existence something new.

This means that creativity has one basic requirement. Something new must be formed. It could be physical

(like an invention or painting or gadget) or intangible (like an idea or a theory).


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Who, according to you, are creative people?  Did you think of artists, writers, actors, poets, filmmakers, musicians and inventors?

They sure are creative but, in reality, all of us are. We were created by someone, our life itself is created and everything we do and think is creative.

Haven’t we all tried out a new recipe, come up with an excuse, colored a picture, manufactured a false story

to get out of a situation or indulged in daydreaming? Well, then all of us are creative people.


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Research has proven that we tend to be more creative as children.

That could be because we are comparatively ignorant or innocent.

Another important reason could be that we are more willing to explore, investigate and put ideas to a test

without worrying about whether we’ll succeed or fail. As we grow older, the idea of what is right and wrong,

what is acceptable and what is not gets ingrained in our minds. Also, we get used to a pattern of thought which is difficult to break out from.

Thus our creativity can  diminish. It is up to us to keep thinking “differently” and try to do things

that are not confined to traditional rules. More importantly, the fear of failure needs to be eliminated.

Think of all the inventions that would have never happened if the inventor had thought of failure

and gotten discouraged by it! Fearlessness and imagination are both equally pertinent to a

creative thinking process. Instinct, intellect and motivation are also very important.

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“Everything you can imagine is real”- Pablo Picasso.

We need to fire up our engines and start thinking of things that have not been imagined before and

if they have then venture out to explore a different angle to it. No idea can be a bad idea.

Even if an idea doesn’t work out, we learn something from it and for all we know, a so called bad idea could eventually

turn out to be a winner. Not all of us will make earth shattering discoveries or create masterpieces.

But our lives will become more interesting and fulfilling if we keep our creative juices flowing.


Creativity is not only essential for our survival but can also make us live longer.

In a study published by Scientific American Magazine, researchers showed that creativity keeps our brain muscles active and therefore keeps us healthier. It also helps relieve stress which contributes to a longer lifespan.


Let’s get creative in our day to day lives and stay happy.

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