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Our marriages, festivities, parties – pandemic

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Our marriages, festivities, parties – pandemic

Covid 19 – Third wave Precautions’ pandemic


Our marriages, festivities, parties 
Yaayyyy, Celebrations time

Ohhh,  but because of this pandemic..yarrr its stopped..
so bad…no parties 
Now ,
Marriages can happen with, only 25 people…
how is this possible???

Arrr We live to celebrate everything in our life, specially our marriages.,
Which is fair enough, isn’t it??

But in this deadly pandemic,…??? Nooo ..

How could you think about any celebrations??
When people are dying, facing tremendous financial crisis, anger, pain, helplessness around, how you can celebrate anything ,when , unimaginable, crisis of decades is there ??

We understand that ,to come out of this frustration of the pandemic ,we have to do something positive, yes ,definitely. .
but.. celebrations..???
They are not actually stress busters. 
Now, use your senses 
just think, of safety at least ..

For celebrations 
You call your own people, friends, relatives for the ceremony, or party,..
feeling nothing will happen.

Ok.. are all of them are supper humans?? Immune to this virus??

Some will call 10, 25, 50 or…more people. 
But do you understand. 
to do any get-togethers we need ,minimum food ,music,
photographer ,helpers, drivers, etc.

People are going to come from different ,houses, places, localities, vehicles, 
no one knows, if they have this virus , they might be asymptomatic patients and specially we have a tendency of neglecting our little cold ,cough, fever, diarrhea,
body ache., with this symptoms we mostly go for our work.,
thinking…its nothing yarr. 

But not now, these are the same symptoms for covid, malaria, dengue, viral fever, typhoid etc..
We are used to take home remedies for this small symptoms.
But if its covid then??? 

Now doctor’s have already told us that, if you have any of this symptoms, first we should take it as a covid and start following the precautions isolate.

But ,what do we do.
We just neglect.

Now, even.. nearly 25 people, all together in one house, and in India,  majority of us have small homes .

All are going to talk, eat ,and it will be without mask..

If and if person has covid, automatically. most of them will be at risks.

On what costs??

And now , one more compilation is added 
to other covid compilation..
deadly black fungal infections.

Just think..
Are you going to forgive yourself ,if someone gets infected in your functions?? ..

might be your own family members. Or..
someone, guests. May lose his life.. or ..
for treating covid, you or your relative loses his life savings…
Is it pardonable???..

This is the way covid is being spread..
we are spreading it.

We will call 25 people,
some wealthy will call 500 ,more rich person will call ..1000 and so on..

We will use our so called money power, political ,religious, emotional power to gather the crowd on name of enjoyment ,auspicious celebrations, politics, and what not.  Aren’t worried about any consequence ,just playing with human life’s….
Nothing will happen yarrr.

So much confidence??

And we are the most believer, of God ,Allah , Yeshu.
most obedient servant of God’s

Don’t you worry that you will be responsible, accountable for someone’s death, sufferings???

and every one knows it clearly, we all have to pay for our deeds here in this world only..
So please..
Even it’s your own family, close friends functions, marriages, etc. say no for any get-togethers ,if you really love them ..
In a way… you will be serving humanity. ..
If You do it.. ,people will definitely follow you,
So.. someone should start it .

Don’t worry, initially they will get mad at you, because you are following protocols of today’s pandemic.

Don’t worry. 
You have bigger social obligations towards the society.. by not socializing, and following the protocol ,
 it’s todays need.

Actually, you are saving them, by doing so.
You will be blessed for your deeds ,of not attending any functions ,or don’t organize any so we can stop this socializing, which is one of the main reasons of spreading this pandemic.
And we feel that we will just go and attend but it never happens.
Remember. 10 minutes without or wrong masks, anyone can get infected.
Then afterwards, there is no point in crying 

So many have died, dying,
Please, don’t socialize. 

Say no to any social gathering even with your siblings, and don’t call anyone at your one should come or go any where ,unless it’s not life threatening or helping someone. 

For someone it’s unavoidable, they have to get married ok. such a auspicious occasion..

but  tie your knots, with minimal people you can definitely celebrate with your loved ones, when pandemic is over, but please don’t take any risks now .

And its not only for functions please don’t go anywhere if it’s not important and…
don’t allow anyone from outside in your building.

All couriers, delivery of goods.. milk ,vegetables etc. should be allowed to keep it only at ground floors..

And for offering any help to anyone , first take care of yourselves. ..

Most important 
If possible, whatever you want to spend for outing, etc. 
don’t it to needy. and with your little help some can save his life. And the kind of happiness ,blessings, you will get from this beautiful jesters, its unimaginable . 

Take care 

Stay safe, Stay blessed. 
Sunita Rao Bailur. 
Dr. Hemant Bailur.

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