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choose my bicycle – Bamboo bikes Are expertly handcrafted

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choose my bicycle – Bamboo bikes Are expertly handcrafted

choose my bicycle – Bugatti bikes, Strong, lightweight and durable


Bugatti bikes, Strong, lightweight and durable. Bamboo bikes Are expertly handcrafted.

And Boogali bicycles Limited in Kampala, Uganda,

Not only is each bike one-of-a-kind, but it’s also highly functional work of art.

But golly bikes are super resistant, Flexible in shock. Absorbing. The company is tailor-made.

Bamboo. Beauties come in several models, Ranging from a city bike, a racing bike tour

mountain bike or a cargo bike trained Electrician, an avid cyclist and bamboo Enthusiast,

Kasama Newton and his team transformed thick, strong and smooth

bamboo canes and to Bicycle frames and the Bugatti garage.

Bamboo, which is harvested very quickly and sustainably in Uganda, can be bent into oval shapes.

It typically takes seven to ten days of skilled craftsmanship to make each bicycle

The handlebars saddle and pedals are imported. But overall, the production of the CO2
neutral means of Transport has a much lower footprint than the traditional materials and methods.

The finished frames way between 18 and 21 kg, depending upon the specific model,

The bamboo pieces are connected using bar cloth, a type of fabric made from tree bark.

It’s one of the most Antiquated methods of making clothing, and it’s even older than we’re doing.

During the rainy season, bark cloth is made by harvesting the bark of the locally source of a tuba tree,

then using wooden mallets, It’s beaten into flat sheets.

Also, the bamboo is locally sourced, and it begins as a Little Seedling are grown in front of the bowling alley garage.

When they reach maturity, They’re taken to the countryside where they are raised for three years.

Bamboo doesn’t have to be watered because it retains the water It needs during the rainy season,

and therefore can easily survive the dry seasons during this time.

It’s harvested as it contains Less moisture than its sun-dried, hardened milled and carve down into the right size.

Boogali bikes are primarily designed for an international market,

which is currently where most of the cells are generated. All Standard round tube frames are priced the same.

It 500 US dollars or 450 5 Euros, plus shipping Cargo frames are priced at 800 US dollars or 725 Euros.

More complex designs will be more expensive.



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