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chhatrapati sambhaji maharaj – Descendants

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chhatrapati sambhaji maharaj –  Descendant of the eldest Sambhaji Maharaj

chhatrapati sambhaji maharaj – The most neglected prince in history is Shahaji Raje’s son Sambhaji Raje and his unknown descendants.

– November 22, 2020
If there is any injustice in the history of Marathas, it is against Chhatrapati Shivaji’s elder brother Shahaji Raje and Jijauputra Sambhaji Raje.
He is mentioned in history as Yuvraj Sambhaji Raje.
Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj’s son Chhatrapati Sambhaji Maharaj Chhatrapati Sambhaji Maharaj was subjected to inhuman torture and death but at least his coronation
Though it was done and wow. C. Historians like Bendre brought his pure character to the world.
But no historian has given enough justice to this Shahaji Raje son Sambhaji Raje.
The story is of the Shiva period, when Sardars like Fateh Khana were sent from Bijapur to overthrow the Maharajah.
And when Shahaji Raje was arrested, everyone knows how Shivaraya had wiped out the Adilshahi army but there
Sambhaji Raje also cut off every Adilshahi chief who came to Karnataka.
Shahaji Raje lived like a king in Karnataka. Shahaji Raje wanted Shivrai as the Swarajya of Maharashtra and Sambhaji Raje as the Deccan state of Karnataka.
The same chhatrapati sambhaji maharaj Sambhaji Raje is mentioned a little in history and later the Bakharkars also misunderstood him.
Radhamadhav Vilaschampu, and he is mentioned in 91 Kalmi Bakhari.
Sambhaji Raje was born in 1623
He married Vijayrao Vishwasrao’s daughter Jayantibai.
Where Sambhaji Raje Thorale is mentioned in history, what is the need to pay attention to the history of his generation?
In Shakavali, it is recorded that Sambhaji Raje’s son Umaji was born on 25th November 1654.
Apart from Umaji, evidence is found in Kannada instruments that the eldest Sambhaji Raja had two more sons, Suratsingh and Matoji, but it is not mentioned in Marathi instruments.
Umaji had a son named Bahadurji. They also have an order available. Farji of Shahoji Sambhaji, son of Maloji Raje Bhosale, Bahadurji of Farzandoumaji.
This order is dated 12 December 1689.
Umaji had Jahagir on behalf of Bijapurkar. This is the proof that he was wielding the power of his sword around Ain Tishi. C. Obtained from a mahajra of 1683.
But before 1677, he had died in a great battle in the vicinity of Pune.
Later historians seem to have misunderstood that Macau and Jayantibai were one and the same.
But these two mothers-in-law were brides.
Macau was Umaji’s wife.
The last inscription donated by his wife Jayantibai in Kolar taluka after the great sambhaji maharaj Sambhaji Raje is from the year 1693.
That is to say, Jayantibai was alive till 1693 and was living in Karnataka.
And the other thing is that Macau Bhosle or etc. C. As they appear to have ruled Jinti till 1740, this proves that the two were not one.
As Umajiputra Bahadurji had no further son, Macau became the cousin of Shahaji Raje of Parsoji Bhosale of Bhamborekar Bhosale family.
He adopted his father-in-law Parsoji Bhosale and the Jintikar Bhosale family grew from him.
Jinti is one of the Patilki villages of the Bhosle family which had been running for generations.
In the Jintikar Bhosle family of the dynasty of this great Sambhaji Raje, Macau was a famous woman.
He is mentioned in royal documents as Makubai Patlin Jintikar.
It is recorded in his documents that during the reign of Chhatrapati Rajaram Maharaj, he gave a village from Macau Dhanaji Jadhav.
Not only this, he was also respected during the reign of Shahu Maharaj. Macau was the cousin of Shahu Maharaj and he had respect for him,
It is evident from the documents in the Shahu file that Shahu Chhatrapati also consulted his cousin many times.
इ.स. Macau is mentioned in the Shahu Daptar till 1740. Macau had reached the deity with his ideal stewardship.
Even today in Jinti village she is revered as Goddess and is referred to as Maize Goddess.
The villagers consider her a goddess and hold a fair every year.
In Jinti village on the border of Pune and Solapur districts, four bastions of Macau and Chirebandi Wada stand tall.
The existing descendants of the branch live and there is a mausoleum of Macau next to the village.
If Sambhaji Raje Thorale had lived for some more time, the history of Marathas would have got another golden drink, said Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj.
The answer would have been Digvijaya but unfortunately this is the limit of history.
Today we know the Satara and Karveer thrones of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj as well as Nagpur, Thanjavur and Akkalkot of the Bhosle dynasty.
The families here are known but the descendants of Sambhaji Raje, the elder brother of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, were unknown through his blog.
This is a small attempt to convey their information to all Shiva devotees and history lovers.
Image: Macau Samadhi and his castle




chhatrapati sambhaji maharaj Descendants of the great Sambhaji Maharaj


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