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butterflies van gogh series vincent van gogh

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butterflies van gogh series vincent van gogh


butterflies van gogh series  vincent van gogh





Summer ends, deals do not

Vincent van Gogh was poor and broke during his lifetime, he was considered a madman and a total failure.  Quite frankly, he only became famous after his sudden suicide death. The masses started seeing him as a misunderstood genius. Today, Van Gogh’s paintings are among the world’s most expensive paintings to have ever sold.

At the early stages of his career, Vincent van Gogh (1853-1890) was unlucky in the matter of love. In August 1881, he takes a long walk with a woman and suddenly professes his feelings for her, and proposes marriage. She bluntly turned him down with the words “No, nay, never”
He started worried about his mental stability he often neglected his physical health, did not eat properly, and drank way more heavily.

Later on, he became infatuated with his landlady’s daughter named, Eugénie Loyer, he again professes his feelings for her, unfortunately, Loyer also rejected him. Another bullet of rejection into his heart. The girl was secretly engaged to someone else. Van Gogh suffered from psychotic episodes and delusions. 


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Summer ends, deals do not

He once again experiences perhaps a heartbreak he will never forget for the rest of his life. What could he do? Was he destined to always get rejected by women? Strangely enough, he cut off part of his left ear with a razor, packaged it then send it to the woman who broke his heart.
In October 1887, He wrote to his sister in Paris “For my part, he wrote, I still continually have the most impossible and highly unsuitable love affairs from which, as a rule, I emerge only with shame and disgrace.”
He became sad and start acting strangely.

Ironically, 19 months later, he shot himself in the chest with a gun and died 30 hours after. As he lay on his deathbed, his last word was, “The sadness will last forever.” ( butterflies van gogh series vincent van gogh )

Summer ends, deals do not

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