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Business Success Story

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Business Success Story



From selling detergent on his bicycle for Rs 3 per kg to naming it in memory of his daughter to ruling every
household’s shelf – here’s how Karsan bhai Patel became a billionaire worth ~$5 bn with Nirma.

Born to a farmer’s family in Gujarat in 1945, Karsan bhai graduated in Chemistry & worked as a lab technician in
the New Cotton Mills. Post his stint here, he worked at the geology & mining department of the Gujarat

• Invention of Nirma detergent – from 100 sq ft backyard to every middle-class house:

In 1969, being a science graduate, Karsan bhai tried mixing soda ash with a few ingredients to make

After multiple attempts, he got the formula right & started producing detergents in a small 100 sq ft
the backyard of his home.

• Losing daughter, turning deep sorrow into an inspiration:

Post-cracking the #success formula, Karsan bhai was in a deep shock when he lost his daughter in a car accident.
As a strong-headed man, instead of mourning, he turned the situation around & brought his daughter back
to life by naming the detergent brand under her nickname & having her mascot.

Being a one-man company, Karsan bhai cycled through the neighborhoods selling handmade detergent

What worked in favor for him was the #price. He sold the product at Rs 3 per kg when MNCs were selling it
for Rs 13 per kg.

In 1995, he went ahead & created a different identity for Nirma with the foundation of the Nirma Institute of
Technology in Ahmedabad.

In 2010, he was awarded Padma Shri by the former President of India, Pratibha Patil & today, Nirma remains
the largest producer of soda ash in the world!

With a net worth of ~$5 bn, the #business is now operated by Karsan bhai’s two sons, Rakesh & Hiren bhai

Karsan bhai’s story is an epitome of how the love of father made him immortalize his daughter & made the
world love her with the tagline, ‘sabki pasand Nirma’.

Love & passion always builds excellence with a strong path to success.




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