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business – Company with Great Ambition. Part – 2

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business – They say good things come only if you work towards it. To enjoy the fruit, you must sow enough in the roots.

With the policy change in 1986, my fate changed as well. My first business started picking up pace and I managed

to raise the first 4 crores through public offering of shares. I wanted to buy second-hand equipment to expand my

cable business and decided to try my luck once again. With this, a new dream was born, and I was off to my next

destination where dreams are made – America. At the age of 24, with my tooti-footi English, a suitcase

filled with ghar ka khana, and a dear friend from Bihar, Ajay Anand, I took off to chase my dream. To top it all, I had no

idea where I was going to stay! I just knew that if I didn’t take this risk now, I would be left wondering what if…


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When we landed at JFK Airport, I looked outside my window, and saw snow for the very first time! It was as

white as fresh milk. We were told to be careful of the pickpockets in New York City, so we stitched our only

money, 500 dollars, to the insides of our coats. As fate may have it, the passenger sitting next to me on

the flight, called Mr Kotawala, knew my grandfather in Rajasthan. When he found out that we didn’t have a place

to stay, he offered his home. He even gave us some warm clothes. We were extremely grateful, and as a gesture, we

started to help him around the house. We would entertain guests and drop his children off to school, tennis, and

other classes.

On the side, I would make forty to fifty calls every day in my broken English to find out where I could find

second-hand machinery at the cheapest rates. I had heard of America as the land of opportunities, where you can

achieve anything you want, and I was here to make it happen…


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