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bio toilet – Self-cleaning and germ killing revolving toilet

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bio toilet – Self-cleaning and germ killing revolving toilet



bio toilet – Manufacturer of hygienic toilet systems based in Rotterdam in the Netherlands




The self-cleaning and germ killing revolving toilet. It will change a typically icky experience into a clean and safe one,

especially in the middle of COVID 19. And this revolutionary self-cleaning toilet system for public

spaces was designed by Sanitation, a manufacturer of hygienic toilet systems based in Rotterdam in the Netherlands.

Built with two revolving toilets, one toilet gets automatically sanitized while the other is in use.

Using a high pressure cleaning with biodegradable soap, the toilet that’s rotating into the technical

area will be thoroughly cleaned. I sold Field Water Blade will transfer over the toilet seat cover and move back

and forth to ensure the removal of any dirt, et cetera. As the toilets are evolving,

the clean seats passes by an airplane that’s connected to a large air pump.

This ensures that the toilet is always completely dry before each use.

The revolving toilet is also equipped with multiple sensors that detect if there is anyone in the restroom.

Therefore, the rotation system will not start until the space is vacant.

The sanitary Phoenix’s urinals are also automatically cleaned with biodegradable detergent after each use.

Additionally, the walls are also automatically cleaned.

This is done with the help of nozzles that spray water and soap along the façade to ensure the removal of all dirt and waste.

All urinals are height accessible for two people as well as children.

They are built with flexible design and are available in a unit of one two three urinals or more and come with urinal dividers.

This sanitizing system is super efficient, but that’s not all the bathroom floor,

which consists of water permeable black gravel tiles, is also clean and sanitize under high pressure with water

and soap as well. After cleaning, the remaining soapy water is drained by the porous floor,

which is almost immediately dry and provides optimal grip. The revolving toilet also handles

another polluting element on the floor, which is the toilet paper, the floor drainage is also optimal

for disposing of waste such as this, as well as other litter that visitors might leave behind after each use.


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