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bio gas plant – gas for cooking

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bio gas plant – gas for cooking

bio gas plant – The tank turns farming waste into gas for cooking.



The system of Bio, a bio digester that helps smallholder farmers by converting

the by product of their livestock farming, i.e. manure into renewable gas for

cooking and rich fertilizer called Bio. Designed for small farms with backyard animals,

the bio digester, which consists of a tank to hold the manure, connect the tubes

to transport the biogas and appliances can be easily installed in just one day.

Biogas can be used to cook meals, heat, water, heat greenhouses and even operate milking machines.

The bio liquid organic fertilizer can be used for vegetable gardens, fruit trees,

plants and cultivating fields. System Mobile was created by system by a Balsa,

a super driven social enterprise that’s passionate about helping small holder farmers

address the challenges of poverty, food security and climate change. It also provides

access to innovative bio digester technology training and financing to increase

farmers productivity. For the past decade, this innovative mechanism and model

has been a game changer for smallholder farmers worldwide who produce 80

percent of the food in developing countries. These bio digesters meet domestic

energy and bio fertilizer needs, generate savings on energy consumption and

increase yields and incomes. Globally, farmers produce tons of waste daily that’s

created by agriculture and livestock, which emit greenhouse gases, methane and nitrous oxide.

This is problematic for these communities and the planet as a whole.

These bio digesters help productive farmers and agribusinesses convert their

waste into productive scale energy while reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Overall, it’s a win win. The prefabricated bio digester includes a full suite of

bio gas appliances, including an aluminum burner designed for bio gas at

extremely low pressures. A fairer to tabletop cook stove and a spider cook stove,

which is a feral spider type two burner grill. Sistema Babel’s has proven model guarantees

that clients receive quality information, products, installation, training and service

regardless of their location in the world. It teams up with businesses and organizations

to bring high quality bio digester technology and biogas programs to their communities

from its distribution and training hubs on five continents,

says T-Mobile has a lifespan of at least 20 years and currently operates in Mexico,

Colombia, Kenya and India.


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