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Best mobile games 2015 – Games for AatmaNirbhar Bharat ! – Prachee Pakhare

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      Best mobile games 2015 –  Games for AatmaNirbhar Bharat !


Best mobile games 2015 – Check out the alternatives for Chinese Apps.


Prachee Pakhare



During this lock-down video calls and online games were only the options for teenagers to connect with each other.

In last two months India has banned over 200 Chinese apps. Should Indian teens stop playing games?

What are the alternatives for the Chinese apps? Let’s check out.

best mobile games 2015 – Ludo King:
Ludo King is the game which became the most popular game in India during this lockdown.

This four player games connected to the all age group people. This game is developed by Gametic

technologies. It has been downloaded over 100 million times & has 4.3 stars on google play store.

best mobile games 2015 – Call of Duty: Mobile:
After the ban on Chinese apps this game turned out to be savoir for PUB G lovers. Activision &

PUB G’s parent company Tenscent worked together to develop this game. The first person shooter

has 4.5 star rating & this game has been downloaded 100 million times on google play store.

Carrom pool:
This was the another famous & popular game in the lockdown period. Carrom is an old indoor game

in India which everyone of us has definetly played in his or her childhood. May that’s the reason this

online game became the another popular game during this pandemic period. It has been downloaded

more than 100 million times & has 4.2 ratings on google play store. This game is developed by the

legacy game developer

Garena Free Fire:3volution:

When it comes to battle games there is a scarcity of such games in India. This game become the

alternative to PUB G. Garena Free Fire & Call of Duty are favored as one is developed by company

based in Singapore & another in US. Garena Free Fire has been downloaded over 500 million

times & it has recieved 4.1 stars rating.

best mobile games 2015 – Hill Climb Racing:
This is the most popular racing games among youngsters who like speed. This racing game has

received 95% positive reviews on google. This game is developed by Finland based Fingersoft

company & it has been downloaded over 500 million times.

How to Loot- Pin Pull & Hero Rescue:

This is the single player game. It’s a mind & intelligence game which is full of Puzzles.

The player has to unlock the hurdles using his logic intelligence & rescue the princess in the game.

It has received over 100,00 positive reviews. It has 4.5 star rating on google play store &

this game has been downloaded over 10 million times.

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best mobile games 2015 – Subway Surfers & Subway Princess runner:
These speed games are almost of one pattern. Subway Surfers is popular since 10 years & it has

been downloaded more than 10 billion times. This game is developed by a SYBO games which is

based in Denmark. Subway Princess Runner is developed by Ivy company from US & it has been

downloaded over 100 million time. It has got 4.1 star rating on Google play store.

Facts about FAU G:

To beat the popular game PUB G & Bengaluru based Indian company is developing & plans to launch

FAU G game soon. Unlike PUBG, FAU-G will not be a battle royale game. The game will lessen players

about crucial incidents of the country like the Galwan Valley clash and the value of Indian soldiers.

The first episode will be based on the Galwan Valley incident.

The FAU-G game developer nCore Games is also working on two other games including one based

on music and second based on Cricket. music game will be released later this month while the

cricket game is set to release around the time IPL begins.

nCore Games has revealed that 20 per cent of net revenue will be donated to BharatKeVeer trust.

Notably, the name FAU-G is the brainchild of actor Akshay Kumar and the game will be developed

under the mentorship of the Bollywood actor.

The game developer claims that FAU-G is being developed by highly qualified and capable developers

at nCore Games and will be as good as PUBG or any other international games.





writer - Prachee Pakhare

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