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Best and trustable Builders in Thane 

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Best and trustable Builders in Thane 





Everyone dreams of owning a house and knowing the best builders are surely a step in that direction.
Everyone’s Dream home Concept is clear, Most People’s Mindset on his / her Own Dream homes/flats / Houses.
everyone’s ideal dream house would be a house where I can live along with family.
these top ten concept lines for everyone’s dream home. please read and share this blog.
A beautiful balcony is a must in a dream house.
It must have a garden in which one can play or plant trees and enjoy it.
There should be a sense of comfort in a dream house.
All rooms should be spacious and airy.
pets should have their corner.
A cozy study room is a necessity in a dream house.
Even if the house is not large, it should give out positive energy.
The interiors should be well-planned.
There must be a lot of plants in a dream house.

Target to Achieve u r dream home concept:  

Thane, a satellite city in Mumbai metropolitan region, is a good place for those looking to set down roots and build a home. But in order to get the house of your dreams, you need a builder who is reputable, efficient, and able to work as per your specifications. Here is a list of the top builders in Thane. You can apply for a home loan at FinServ MARKETS to buy your dream house. 


List of Top Builders in Thane


GSP Group

One of the first entrants on our list of top builders in Thane is the GSP group. Having been established in 1984, the company is one of the older companies on the block, with decades of experience to show. This also offers potential customers benefits as the company has a long-lasting legacy and reputation that they are unlikely to compromise for short-term gains, which could be the case for smaller, more recent projects in Thane. Some of its active projects include Meenva Avlon and Meena Aura. They offer a host of services such as planning, urban design, landscape architecture, and Cemetery Planning and design.

Contact Details

Plot No 19 Royal Jewels, Ambernath, Thane – 421501, Opposite Hotel Sibu Palace, Near Ambernath Station East

Shreeyash Construction

A fairly newer company when compared to the GSP group, Shreeyash Construction was founded in 2000. While it may seem younger in comparison, they have two decades worth of experience and projects to show under their belt, making them a good addition to our ‘top builders in Thane ‘list. According to the company, they are involved in industrial, commercial, road construction works and land development alike. Its multiple projects and 2 decades of experience would grant entry to any top 10 builders in Thane’s list.

Contact Details
107, B Wing, Great Eastern, Sector 15, Cbd Belapur, Navi Mumbai – 400614, Near McDonalds


Relation Realty

Relation Realty is one of the newer companies on our list of top builders in Thane, though this has not appeared to have held them back. With operations in the commercial, industrial and residential sectors, the company, as a testament to its youthful drive, follows strict guidelines of systematic planning in order to ensure the timely completion of its projects. Currently, ‘Sky Heaven’, ‘Krishna Trupti’, and ‘Swanand Heights’ are three of their projects.

Contact Details
081085 94959
Shiv Shakti Building, 1st Floor, Room No.103, Near Big Bazar, Manpada Rd, Sagaon, Dombivali East, Dombivali, Maharashtra-421203

SHK Developers


The SHK group has been up and running since 2016 and has developed a significant presence in the Navi Mumbai area, mostly due to having already put together an extensive portfolio of projects such as Ruby Residency, Ruby Apartments, and Ruby Homes. 

Contact Details
SHOP NO 28, Building NO 9, Prakruti Palms, Brahmand Phase No. 7, Azad Nagar-Thane West, Thane – 400607

Lodha Group

The Lodha group is most likely known by most reading this article, making its presence on this list of builders and developers in Thane no surprise. The group is involved in offering luxury housing to Mumbai’s upper middle class and elite, with an expensive project portfolio consisting of Lodha Primo, Lodha Altia, and Upper Thane, to name a few. The company also has a number of subsidiaries (also involved in housing), namely Lodha Luxury and Palava, and is working on ‘the world towers’, a flagship project.


Contact Details
Lodha Panacea, Manpada Road, Dombivli East, Thane – 421201, Near Lodha Regency


Sambhav Group

Having time and experience in the housing and building industries offers companies a significant advantage as they accumulate a decent reputation that they can leverage against newer firms. Such is the case of the Sambhav group as well. Founded in 1988, the group has been in action for over two decades and has over 3.5 million square feet of work to show for it. With projects like The Primordial House, Blue Planet, and Bay Vue, the company is preparing for the future of housing. 

Contact Details
Deep Destiny Shop 1/2 Plot No 33, Sector 2A, Karanjade, Navi Mumbai – 410206


Charms Group

The Charms group, despite not having two decades worth of experience to show for, is fast approaching the checkpoint, with 16 years spent in the sector. The group has its roots in both commercial and residential sectors and is constantly looking to expand, thus landing it a spot on our list of top builders in Thane. With Charms Star and Charms Residency under development, the company is set to go a long way in the sector.

Contact Details
22 25381934
1102, Dev Corpora, Khopat Cadbury Junction, Thane West, Thane – 400601, Opposite Cadburys, Near Eastern Express Highway

Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is for informational purposes only. Please remember to visit the official websites and do your research before you avail of any services.

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