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Beauty – Remove pubic hair with a blade?

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Beauty – Is it OK to remove pubic hair with a blade?




Beauty – Hair on any part of the body is not an unnecessary growth, scientifically speaking, the purpose of growing body hair is to protect our body naturally.

Humans are the only animal on earth that wears clothes. With his intellectual development or his ability to think, he started using clothes to prevent the environment from harming his body or to protect his body. Apart from this, if we look back in time and look at the history of the human species, we can at least assume that in the past, humans had thick hair all over their bodies, its main purpose was to protect the body from the environment. Beauty – Currently, there is no such thing as full body hair (except for a few exceptional individuals) but the reason for this is not because of full body clothing, but it may be the use of chemicals we do in the name of development, or it may also be partially genetic, as we see some people have very little head hair. Baldness occurs with age or early shedding. No animal or bird on earth uses or needs clothing except man because nature has designed each one to protect the body from the environment, so how can a man be an exception? Having body hair is natural, it does not have any side effects on the body.

Now to your original question…what about Beauty

Nowadays, as hair structure is an important aspect of beauty, it is customary to cut and shape the hair on the head, beard in men, mustache, and eyebrow hair in women in the right shape or position which reveals a man’s personality and I think everyone should take personal care of it. Everyone may have their personal opinion or preference regarding hair removal on other parts of the body such as chest-armpit hair and the same equation applies to pubic hair removal. Both pubic hair growth and removal procedures do not seem to have any specific purpose as mentioned above, although you may have heard or even seen, to some extent, oral sex being a popular part of the romance game these days, the key to most people is pubic hair and the surrounding area. It is completely removed. And for that, hair removal is done with a razor or the old-fashioned razor, but if not taken care of, it can adversely affect the sensitive skin around the genital area. It feels good for the first day but as the hair starts to grow, after a few days the skin becomes itchy and if you are in a social place then you feel embarrassed to act. To avoid all these things, you can use scissors instead of a razor or razor to cut more or less hair as needed or there are electric hair trimmers from good companies available in the market, especially hairball trimmers are also available for hair removal on the testicles, it can also be cut more or less as needed. You can remove pubic hair without any harm. You can follow any of the above methods depending on your personal need and difficulty. Of course, if you ask the question, it’s unlikely that you’ve ever done something like this before, so you might as well ask about your personal experience.




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