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Beat The Heat – Beat the Summer October heat ! – Prachee Pakhare

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Beat The Heat – Beat the Summer October heat !


October Heat ! – Beat The Heat 


Prachee Pakhare



Right from the beginning of this year we are experiencing Ungodly & Non Favorable things. We have no choice left but we have to tackle them. Then why not tackle them in a pleasing manner & survive with a smile. We are in a Mid of September and the heat & humidity is unbearable. Wonder what October heat would give us! Here are some tips & tricks by which you can Cheat & Beat the Heat!


1. Hydrate yourself – Beat the Heat!

During this lock down time most of us might have gained weight. Here is the right time to detox your body & loose weight. Bath twice in a day. Drink 8 to 10 glass of water a day. Water can be in any form juices, soups, smoothies, shakes etc. This can also help in giving you nutrition. Coconut water & Lemon juice, Buttermilk are the most refreshing & pocket friendly options.


2. Pranayama – Beat the Heat!

As gyms & yoga centers are officially not opened, try doing light exercises and Pranayamas at your home as per your comfort.
Anulom – Vilom, Chandrabhedan & Shitali Pranayama are the most effective pranayamas to maintain our body temperature. A park or a garden side walk can also make your mood positive.


3. Summer Accessories – Beat the Heat!

Face mask have become the new normal accessory now a days. Even if you are wearing this mask do not forget your sunglasses & scarf. If you are excluding the scarf or cap to avoid the shabby hair, umbrella can be your another choice. After shower use anti-fungal menthol powder to avoid rashes & irritation on your body. Good quality hair serum & sun block or an anti-tanning lotion is must.

Beat The Heat - Beat the Summer October heat !

Beat the Heat! 3

5. Cool Looks – Beat the Heat!

Cotton wears are always inn in summer. Sleeveless or short sleeves tops or kurti’s with loose pants or palazzo s will make you cool & keep you cool too. Do light makeup to avoid the mess after you sweat. Use light color lipstick shades as per your choice & skin tone. If you are at home you can be comfy with your short hot pants or three forth pants, loose shirts, ganjis, cotton tunics, or cotton maxis. Wear minimum accessories like chain or bracelets to avoid spotting and irritation on skin.


6. Diet – Beat the Heat!

Generally human metabolism slows down in summers. Still out body needs all the nutrition. Even if you eat less roti or rice that’s OK but include lots of salads & seasonal fruits in your diet. Sometimes ice creams are OK for satisfying the desire. Sodas, sugary drinks, or caffeinated drinks tend to cause dehydration instead be friends with dahi, buttermilk, green tea, dry fruits & nuts.

I am sure; these lifestyle changes can avoid heat stress conditions. So just Chill in the Heat!



writer – Prachee Pakhare

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