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audi e bike – Hydrofoil E-bike Easily Cycle On Water

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audi e bike – Hydrofoil E-bike Easily Cycle On Water

audi e bike – Hydrofoil E-bike Easily Cycle On Water



The hydrofoil actually won a hydrofoil e-bike that allows you to cycle on water.

Developed by New Zealand based five, the Spectacular Hydrofoil E-bike

uses the same technology as America’s Cup sailboats built with Garmin connectivity

and clean technology. Riders can safely cruise alongside all water areas from ocean

coastlines to lakes and waterways, which also includes protected lakes and rivers

where gasoline powered watercraft are permitted.

The hydrofoil ex-F1 is equipped with variable pedal assist, which can be adjusted

depending on the desired exertion. It can reach a top speed of 13 miles per hour,

comparable to standard sailboats and a cruising speed between seven to eight miles per hour.

The minimum speed required to fall is five point two miles per hour, which is less than five months.

When cycling on land, riders may encounter construction, traffic or minor road obstructions.

But when cycling, when water riders could encounter some choppiness,

well, no need to worry because the hydrophone to exceed one can handle

moderate drop in swollen oceans, rivers and lakes.

This capability is due to the front tiller section of the hydrofluoric one that self levels

and helps to break through choppy and over swell as you ride.

This pioneering hydrofoil e-bike weighs sixty seven pounds, including its battery and motor.

Its modular design allows for quick assembly and transport to and from the water when fully assembled. The hydrofoil E1 dimensions are four point five feet high by six point five feet wide and seven point two feet long. The hydrofoil XY one is constructed of strength and carbon fiber, which is said with high performance boxes on both front and rear hydrofoil. Its frame is aircraft grade. Twiggy welded six or sixty six aluminum and vacuum formed AC plastic buoyancy modules. It’s 70 Soul Lithium Ion Battery Pack delivers 22 amp hour and is easily swappable in minutes. It offers up to four hours of writing time on the lowest assist level and one point five hours on a maximum assist. This is, of course, contingent upon riding conditions, rider input, weight and ability. The hydrofoil Z1 is suitable for a wide range of fitness levels. Ideally, riders should be confident swimmers and between hundred and thirty to two hundred and twenty pounds, but there is no age limit as no license is required to perform the submerged launch. Riders must weigh below 220 pounds in order to resurface.




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