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Asymptomatic and patients be Serious.

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Asymptomatic and patients be serious.  


covid – 19



The most dangerous things are happening now, for this pandemic.

As everyone is aware of the situations, that we don’t have enough beds in hospitals, so asymptomatic , non serious patients are told to take treatments at home by consulting their doctors.

Patient can be treated at home, nothing like it. as burden of hospitals will reduce.

But do you realize, that hospitals are breeding grounds of this virus, as covid patients are there and so because of them, virus can get spread around. so, we have been suggested to stay away from hospitals, if possible.

To stop the spread, they sanitize the complete hospitals with hypochlorite ,Asymptomatic.  Dettol etc continuously  still its dangerous to hang around the hospitals.

Now think, most of the non serious patients are at home, scared and tired of the virus and they mostly don’t have the knowledge, nor the facilities of killing virus spread around by them, with hypochlorite spray, Dettol etc. like hospitals.

So virus is spreading everywhere, as it’s very contagious and now and then popping up new variants .

As cases are around us , in most of the building’s and commercial areas, .the imp reason is, its not getting sanitized regularly ,the way hospitals are doing..,so its becoming more dangerous than hospitals, Asymptomatic

And hypochlorite sanitization is not pest control ,which we can do once in a month.

Hypochlorite sanitization has to be done nearly 20 days continuously and
in patients house twice a day and
in the building once a day as virus can spread in that time by air etc.

Now ,in India and specially in towns like Mumbai ,we are so thickly populated , with all these patients around us, can you imagine now,.. we are actually staying with the virus ,around us .
that’s why now, you are not at all safe in your house any longer.

So what we have to do??

I. have constant watch around your areas.
When ever you find any cases around, please alert everyone around your area.

2. talk to the patients,
on phone of course..
and give them helping hand , convince them ,you are there to help them . They are not alone.

3. prepare for hypochlorite sanitization and provide them separately, 1 litters spray for sanitization for their home, twice a day and specially make them aware of sanitizing in the covid patients room. Asymptomatic and Patient can do it themselves , and not to worry, do it wearing a mask its not harmful or toxic as its, just washing soda.
Specially, they have to spray on pillows ,bed, curtains, bedsheets, floor, walls, toilet bathrooms.

4. And for society, You get the machine and liquid from anywhere, its very cheap to buy and do it yourself, or hire a person but do it for 20 days, once a day .,continuously and alternate days till pandemic gets over.

If you don’t get hypochlorite, you can use Ala detergent it has same components.

And please clean the lifts, minimum twice a day with Dettol etc. and keep cleaning its handle’s and doors as it carries lots of people and its not at all ventilated, close all the times.

5. and still if you can’t do any sanitization, please contact your BMC ward , Corporator and tell them to arrange the sanitization.

6. but please, don’t wait for anyone or government to do it for you , Now everyone ,including government is extremely exhausted.

And please .don’t start a blame game.
Just do it.

Wake up people, how much spoon feeding you want?

We are in community spread..
Most of us are going to get infected. And very few, means. thousands of people are going to die.

We don’t know, you or your beloved ones, who can be among unlucky ones.

Please, follow all the precautions, it’s very cheap and very simple to stay safe, but its very costly to get infected and can be fatal.

Its the time to come together as a society.
Its now or never.
Fight Corona, with this weapons..
Masks, hypochlorite spray, oximeter, thermometer, disinfect spray, Sanitizers etc.

we can still win it.




Sunita Rao Bailur.
Dr. HEMANT Bailur.

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