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Agriculture land for sale – 5 Mistakes in Buying Agriculture Plot.

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Agriculture land for sale –

5 Mistakes in Buying Agriculture Plot.


Agriculture land for sale – Reshma Hajite

Hemant Deshmukh, age 40 was looking to buy own farm house. He had dream of spending time with family there on vacations. Maintaining small garden space. He has been searching for agriculture plot since 2 years. Sometime he liked location but not price. Sometime land was at cheap rate and when he was finalizing owner was not giving documents. He is feeling like his dream of owning farm land will be just fantacy now. Agriculture land for sale – Here are common 5 Mistakes in buying Agriculture plot:

1. No defined Purpose:
Sometime land is cheap and someone gives good deal. And you start thinking, I should buy land. Rather than that we should define our purpose of buying plot.
Agriculture plot is bought for mainly purpose of farming, farm house or farm house renting purpose. If you have any one of these goals then agriculture plot buying makes sense.

2. No legal check:
Most of the time owner is very well known to us or deal is valid for instant payment and so we say,” will show it to lawyer later”. If we don’t spend thousands on lawyer for documentation check, we surely lose lakhs if land comes in litigation. Once there is litigation, not just you but your next generation also cant enjoy the farm house or farming on it.

Agriculture land for sale – Legal documentation checking is one of the critical point. Have right property lawyer

3. Documentation incomplete:
In some land transaction it happens that documentations are not registered or just on paper. There might be chances of not actual title transferred on your name and land still being to original owner. You just have paid the cost.


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4. Independent acquisition:
I am getting land at very good price but its single piece. If your goal is not farming then you need to check total package cost for getting basic facilities to land like electricity, water or good soil quality. Land may be cheap but cost of basic livable amenities may go high.
So check cost that would incurred on developed plot .In gated community projects this cost is included in land.

5. Cheaper is better

Good location and least price is myth. But many people think agriculture land should come at cheap cost. In real estate, entire cost is of location. Better road connectivity, higher the rate. Good access to electricity, water and great views come at premium cost.
Its value addition, for which you should be ready to buy.
Cheap may be litigation on land or connectivity issue



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