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Ads logo – What is Google AdSense ?

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Ads logo – What is Google AdSense ?


Ads logo – How do I get approved direct AdX account ?





What is Google AdSense ? How do I get approved for DoubleClick Ad Exchange as an supply partner (direct AdX account)?

how to make a money online faster & safe

how to make a money online faster & safe

First of all, before you apply to Ads logo – AdX, you have to make sure you fulfill all requirements.

!!!You website must not contain prohibited content such as hate speech, harassment, bullying, gambling or casino-related content, drug or alcohol content and must not offer hacking software whatsoever.

Furthermore, to become a preferred publisher for  Ads logo – Google AdX, your website must have at least 5 million page views per month. Hence, Google is pretty selective to those seeking approval for Ads logo – AdX.

For the complete list of requirements, visit this page. You may also want to check responsibilities assigned to AdX publishers.If your website corresponds to requirements imposed by DoubleClick, only them you may start application process.

As Mat Bennett previously mentioned, if you already have an assigned Google’s account manager, you can set up your AdX account through them via invitation.

In case you do not have an assigned account manager, then you need to use option 2 – through Google’s Certified Publishing Partners. The second option allows smaller publishers to sell their inventory through the collaboration with a larger partner trusted by Google.

You will have to create an Ads logo – Ad Exchange publisher profile by signing in at More information how to do it you will find here.

Once you apply, you can easily track the state of your application by status “invited”, “pending”, “approved” or “disapproved”. It is true that it is not easy to get AdX account and become Google’s publisher, but it definitely worth the effort.

Ads logo – Google AdSense and Ads logo – Google AdExchange (AdX) are both advertising services operated by Google. They allow publishers to make money by running advertisements.

So, what is the difference between Ads logo – Google AdX and Ads logo – AdSense? Which platform would be best for you to offer your ad inventory on?

In this post, we’ll go over the key features and discrepancies between Google AdX and AdSense.

What is Google AdSense ?

Google AdSense was created as an internal product in 2003. It is a free cost-per-click tool that places ads on websites based on the content and visitors of the publisher. All that enables publishers to benefit from each ad click.

Besides that, since CPM (cost per 1000 impressions) is in demand, publishers can receive extra revenue each time a CPM ad is served to the website and seen by a user.

Technically speaking, advertisers bid for ad placement in the same way as they do on the Google Ads platform. AdSense advertisements are derived from Google Ads, the Google Display Network, and other Google products.

Any publisher can use it because of the simple sign-up process. One of the best features of AdSense is that it instantly connects publishers with a large number of advertisers.

This is the most famous advertisement software on the Internet at the moment. It offers an excellent opportunity for webmasters and content creators to monetize their traffic — Google pays billions to its publishers per year. If you’ve ever wondered,  how can you make money with AdSense – just try it out.


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