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Acupuncture images – Acupuncture medical course

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Acupuncture images – Acupuncture medical course

After coronary heart disease spread throughout the world, it became clear to the world that there were limits to human life and medicine. However, human beings in this world have been overcoming every crisis with perseverance and infinite hardship. The person who overcame the disorder of fear was able to face any difficult situation. Nothing is impossible if we have a strong will and a positive mindset that we can succeed in any of our missions. He is a renowned surgeon from Girgaum, Mumbai. R. F. Behramji has proved it.
Extremely pure, innocent, loving, with a huge human outlook, Dr. Behramji is a great man of medicine. He is a very big man who always puts his feet on the ground and seeks the sky for all mankind when he has immense resources. If we have a saying like Parsi where Sarshi is prevalent, its meaning does not apply everywhere. Infinite hardship, perseverance and Saint Dnyaneshwar prayed fervently for the welfare of the entire universe, for global happiness, peace and contentment. This very simple man of that strength is a man who is superior in mind and thinks for all humanity.
In our friend’s dive, an obsessive friend called Dr. Behramji was introduced in the clinic of Girgaum. And I fell in love with this man forever. We had to say that meeting some good people or getting acquainted with them is the accumulation of our former ashram. Dr. Behramji’s only Chiranjeev Dr. Shahzad earned a master’s degree in acupuncture from the United States. But Dr. It was not possible under Indian law for Shahzad to practice in India with that American degree. Acupuncture images – Acupuncture to get medical recognition in Maharashtra. For this, the dream is to get the law passed in the Maharashtra Legislature, which gives direction to the progressive thinking of the country. Behramji had seen. Of course, this mission was difficult and big. But Dr. Seeing Behramji’s nature and working methods, we, the friends, decided to carry out that mission.
Dr. Considering Behramji’s philosophical views for all mankind, Bahujan Vikas Aghadi leader, senior MLA Hitendra Thakur, eminent businessman Praveen Raut, Daya Nana Mhatre, Ad, Swati Sagvekar. Former ministry official R. C. Patil decided to try such congregations. Or Kami Dr. Behramji’s large family of friends from all walks of life also came to work.
Acupuncture is an effective method of medical treatment. It has low cost and no side effects. Acupuncture images – Acupuncture has been practiced in China, Japan and Korea for over 800 years.
But some experts claim that this treatment originated in India. This treatment is said to have a communal, spiritual basis. You have no reason to get into that argument. The Sufis learned this knowledge from the Nath sect which emerged in the Shiva sect. And some say that they spread this knowledge all over the world. Acupuncture images – The science says that acupuncture cures more than 39 ailments.
The human body is conscious. The word consciousness hidden in this consciousness is related to the concept of consciousness. This energy source that gives growth, vitality, vigor, health and purchasing power to the body is called life force in classical language. This same life force causes disease in the organs of the body due to lack or lack of specific parts of the body due to various reasons. This is the theory of acupuncture images.
Viruses, bacteria, immune deficiencies are some of the causes mentioned by allopathic medicine. These theories are the result of the depletion of the body initiated by the lack of energy in the context of acupuncture. The path that energy uses to spread to all parts of the body. These pathways are called meridians in the language of acupuncture images – acupuncture. Blood vessels in the body after dissection. Nerves, like bones, are visible. Meridians are not found that way.



There are many effective points on these meridians. The results you get when you press on this point or stimulate that point with a needle are amazing. This life force reaches every cell due to the network of meridians spread all over the body. Gives consciousness to every cell. Acupuncture involves the study of all the meridians of the body, the study of all the points on it, the use of one or more points for treatment, and the injection of a needle at the point of the meridians.
Going into the details is a province of experts. Originally Acupuncture images – Acupuncture treatment was a big complicated process in Maharashtra to get government approval and for practitioners to get the legal armor for it. However, the then Minister of Medical Education and Research in both the Congress-led governments, Dr. Vijaykumar Gavit gave great support to Yakami at the government level. The then Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis and his ministers

Board members played a positive role. Loknete Hitendra Thakur, b. Kshitij Thakur, former A.A. Vilas Tare, all-party MLAs as well as former Deputy Speaker of the Legislative Council Vasantrao Davkhare and others helped pass the bill in the House.
Acupuncture images – The Maharashtra Council of Acupuncture was established in accordance with the law to approve acupuncture treatment, to determine the course of the treatment and to issue licenses to practitioners to treat it. The opportunity to be the first honorary chairman of this council was given to Dr. Received by Behramji. In his team, Dr. Chandrasekhar Pardeshi, Dr. P. B. Lohia, Dr. Hemant J. Thakkar, Mrs. Vidya Naik, Dr. Abhay Kulkarni, Registrar Narayan Navale and manpower in the office. The council has officially licensed more than six and a half thousand acupuncture practitioners in the state to practice the profession, a historic day in the region. Behramji mentions politely.
In this successful mission, senior acupuncture expert Dr. Debashish Bakshi, Dr. Raman Kapoor, Dr. Indjit Singh, Dr. The support of Gentit and Vijay Thorat was huge. Besides, current Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray, former Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis, Urban Development Minister Eknath Shinde, senior BJP leader and former minister Dr. Vijay Kumar Gavit, Medical Education and Research Minister Amit Deshmukh, Bavia leader A. Hitendra Thakur. Dr. Pravin Raut, Former Director, Department of Medical Education Pravin Shingare, Dr. Sumant Ghaisas was helped by many. Thanks to him, Dr. Behatramji has expressed his gratitude for him.
Acupuncture images in Maharashtra – My son Dr. Acupuncture medical treatment method to get government approval. Shahzad followed suit. That boy inspired me to do this work. Unexpectedly, Dr. Shahzad lamented that he is not with us today to accept that honor. Behramji expresses. However, they are optimistic that acupuncture will be more cost effective and effective in health care.


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