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Acb maharashtra – government employee asks for a bribe ?

Acb maharashtra

Acb maharashtra – government

employee asks for a bribe ?


Acb maharashtra – Where and how do you complain.



1. Who provides the trap amount?
The trap amount is provided by the complainant.

2. What type of crime is investigated by the ACB office?
Demand for bribe by a government servant, accepting bribe, giving bribe to a

government servant, corruption by abusing wealth and position.

3. What is a misappropriation case?

Accumulation of a disproportionate amount of wealth by a government

servant in his own name or to any person on his behalf, through corruption,

at any time during his tenure.

4. Against whom can a complainant file a complaint regarding a bribe demand?
A Public Servant or a private ISM who can solicit and accept a bribe on behalf of a Public servant can file a complaint against it.

5. Is it possible to lodge a complaint against any public servant regarding the demand for bribe?
Against a public servant who has the legal work of the complainant pending against him or against a public servant who will abuse his position for his own benefit even if he does not have work pending.

6. What is a trap action?
Demanding bribe, accepting bribe and catching government servant through ACB.

7. Is the trap amount refunded to the complainant?

Yes. The trap amount is returned to the complainant as soon as possible.

8. When can a bribe be reported?
When money / other things are demanded from a government servant for doing legal work as well as for not doing legal work.

9. Does the complainant have to be present at the ACB office for trapping?

Yes, it is necessary to be present in the office as the complainant is directly involved in the trap action.

10. What is the website of ACB office?,

11. Does the ACB keep the identity of the complainants secret?

Yes, the identity of the complainant is kept secret in all other offenses except bribery.

12. What if the complainant receives a threat from the accused public servant after the trap action?
The ACB requests the court to cancel the bail of the accused public servant by submitting evidence against the accused.

13. Can the bribery department include a private individual?

No, anyone can report a corrupt official to the ACB.

14. Are there ACB offices available in each district?


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15. Where can the complaint be lodged at the place where the complainant resides or at the place where the accused public servant works?
Anywhere, by number 1064.

16. Under whose supervision does the ACB operate?

Director General, Bribery Prevention Department, State of Maharashtra, Mumbai.

17. Is there a toll free number for filing a complaint?
Yes, 1064 and 1800 222 021

18. How to file a complaint?
Through website, through Facebook page, through mobile apps, toll free number 1064, written application. Also, in order to lodge a complaint of bribery, the complainant himself has to stay in the ACB office.

19. What steps are taken by the ACB if the plaintiff’s work is pending even after the trap action?

Legal work is followed up with the senior officer of the concerned office through ACB for completion of legal work.

20. What happens to the property of the accused in the misappropriation case?
After registering a crime in the misappropriation case, Hon. The property of the public servant is frozen by the court.

21. Does the complainant have to appear in court when the case is filed?
Witnesses must be present in court during the court proceedings.

22. Is it possible to lodge a complaint against any public servant?

Yes. Against a public servant who has amassed a disproportionate amount of wealth in his own name through corruption or at any time during his tenure in office on his behalf, he will not be able to give a satisfactory account. Against a public servant who has amassed a large amount of wealth through corruption.


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23. Is there a facility to lodge a complaint online?

Yes, under the heading Complaint on and under the heading lodge a complaint on the Facebook page

24. What action will the ACB take if a public servant solicits a bribe on the spot or accepts a bribe? (E.g. Railway TC, Traffic Police, Municipal Corporation Naka employees, Court employees for filing affidavits, etc.)

Information on such bribery incidents should be taken from the audio / video note in the mobile / camera and posted from the complaint panel on ACB’s mobile app

25. What steps is the ACB taking to curb and prevent the incidents mentioned by Public servant No. 25? Also, what kind of cooperation does the ACB expect from the public for that?

Yes. Information on bribery incidents should be taken from the audio / video note in the mobile / camera and posted from the complaint panel on ACB’s mobile app



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