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SAGE POETRY – A metaphorical fiction

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SAGE POETRY – A metaphorical fiction


By Faizus Saleheen





The whole thing is like a dream for Abdur Rahman. He was sitting at his own table in his own room, working very carefully. Office work. He is not used to cheating at all. When he returns home after working at mid nights, his wife gets bored. Abdur Rahman then pretended to be a very submissive husband of her, as if there was no destination for this poor guy if he did not find shelter under her area. The wife still does not have a smile on her face. There is food on the table, she said and went to bed and lays down with turned face opposite . Abdur Rahman, tired of work, smiled in his mind.

Late at night he sits alone at the dining table and swallows and thinks, the company pays so much money every month; only for work, not for any other reason! Every penny of the company should be halal. Wife does not understand this.But why! Abdur Rahman has no special grief in this. If he survives, his wife may give dearly attention to him, today or tomorrow. But, if the work falls, he will have to bear a fire of guilty feeling forever. He does not want that. Therefore he is engrossed in work. fiction

It was the same that day. At that time, at noon, Abdur Rahman heard the footsteps of many people outside his room. He was startled. Even then he did not want to bring the matter to his notice. What is happening outside, let it happen! He would concentrate on his work again, just then a group of people pushed the door like a gust of wind and entered Abdur Rahman’s room.

Abdur Rahman looked up with surprise and annoyance. He saw that they were his colleagues in this company. Running and getting up here, exhaling frequently and loudly. Before Abdur Rahman could ask anything, the leading boy said, we are in danger, we are defeated, sir. Still sitting! Come on up. Come soon!
– What happened?
Abdur Rahman asked in an indifferent voice.
-What happened, so tell me!
The handsome relative of our owner who joined the work the day before yesterday …..
– What happened to him?
Before the boy could finish speaking, Abdur Rahman countered.
– The horn on the forehead of that man!
Abdur Rahman was really surprised this time.
– Not just horns. The man is roaring like a mad bull to fight. Please, sir. Sir, don’t sit down. Come on up. Now is the time to break the bull’s horns. Otherwise, no one knows we will not live, sir!
Abdur Rahman realized that the matter was very serious. He got up and said, let’s see!
Coming out of the room, he and his colleagues saw the bull running around like crazy. He is rushing to punch whoever is in front. There are five bloody bodies lying on the carpet in the corridor. They collapsed after being punched. Seeing Abdur Rahman, the bull became even more enraged. He looked at it with wide eyes as if it would jump right now and insert two horns together into Abdur Rahman’s stomach. fiction

But Abdur Rahman does not notice that at all. He is worried about his colleagues. At a very fast quantum speed he wonders how to save these unfortunates! He shouted, silent! Everyone uttered quietly with him! He thought the bull would calm down in fear if he made a noise in unison. But immediately Abdur Rahman and his colleagues saw that not only, a single bull was in front of them, but after the horns grew on the head of the owner’s relative, the disease quickly spread to many more in the company. Their horns were received and joined as usual with the relative bull. In the meantime, someone came and informed that the owner of this company himself get two horns and he is roaring inside his chamber.

He can come out at any moment Abdur Rahman was sad to see and hear everything. Without thinking about what to do now or not, the bulls started wagging their horns and running. Abdur Rahman and his colleagues climbed the stairs to the roof of the building. But, there is no protection in that either. Danger is there too. The bulls went up to the roof to blow. The endangered people thought it was necessary to resist. They are trying make resistance. They also roared like furious bulls. But the bulls will not retreat. fiction

Meanwhile the owner himself climbed to the roof and kicked the roof in a furious rage. Abdur Rahman and his colleagues have nothing to do now. They began to retreat in a state of fear. The farther they go back, the farther the bulls come forward. Abdur Rahman came to the edge of the roof. There is no place to retreat. Then the bulls fluttered their horns and jumped on Abdur Rahman.

Then the wind on the roof shook at the screams of the frightened endangered people. Abdur Rahman could not stand on the edge of the roof despite hundreds of attempts. He lost his balance and fell silent.
Abdur Rahman’s story could have ended here. But did not. After falling from the high roof, he felt intense heat around him. Unbearably hot air is blowing. Not the sun, but the fire!

The soil has been reduced to ashes. There are no trees, no grass, no shade. Abdur Rahman’s chest began to burst with thirst. But he did not see a single drop of water anywhere. Abdur Rahman realized that his fall was not from the roof of a three-story building, but from another planet. Although the situation was very painful, he enjoyed a kind of fun in it, so that no one else would get eclipsed, the heat would not touch them at all, and he prayed to God to heal the owner of his beloved company, the handsome relatives and others who received horns. For. This is a terrible disease!

Abdur Rahman stood up. He does not know any path here. He does not know any direction from east to west. Disoriented Abdur Rahman started walking towards an unknown destination.
After going some distance, he was surprised to see that this is the city where his loveable wife and beloved sons and daughters are. There is no shortage of his relatives in this city! Abdur Rahman’s mind became better even though he was drenched in sweat while walking in the blazing sun. He tried to remember the names of the favorite people in this city. Many names, many people, women and men. Abdur Rahman thought that his relatives would welcome him wherever he went. So he started walking fast. He has to meet everyone once before the end of the day to tell everyone about his misfortune . fiction

But, wherever Abdur Rahman goes, he ser the door is closed. That is locked from inside. He goes to people’s homes, to offices – the same situation everywhere. The door is closed. Pasted from the inside. He rang the door bell. The sound came. Whose voice came from within? Abdur Rahman said his name, in a well-known voice.
But no one opened the door. Finally Abdur Rahman got on the road. He started walking with the noon sun on his head. arrived at the lake inside the largest, green park in the city. sat down, leaning against a tree, to relax a little. Then two monkeys jumped from the tree. The heavy courage of the two monkeys. They sat at Abdur Rahman’s feet and started scratching their bodies. He caressed them. He turned his hand on Their head and back.

After receiving caress, the two monkeys jumped up and sat on Abdur Rahman’s shoulder. They combing by their small hands in his hair. Abdur Rahman began to feel very comfortable. Soon his drowsiness came, his eyes widening. At that moment, he was startled and slapped the monkey’s hand. Both monkeys are furious. They want to pull out Abdur Rahman’s hair and slap him equally. He then got up and grabbed the two monkeys by the neck and struck them and kicked hard in the back. The two monkeys chirped and ran away. They jumped on the trunk of another tree.

Abdur Rahman’s mind was filled with depression. He sat down again leaning at the base of the tree. closed his eyes and tried to think about the past. He wondered why the two monkeys did that to him.
At that moment he heard a miraculous voice – ‘Traveler , you have lost your way!’
Abdur Rahman was shocked. He heard the voice of whom ! Sage Bankim Chandra came up from the afterlife or not! Abdur Rahman met his eyes. He saw a wise man standing in front of him with a long beard. His eyes are full of love. His smile is amazingly beautiful.
Abdur Rahman said in fascination, your identity! The great man said without any introduction of himself, good news for those who are patient. And good news for those who are brave. And good news for those who works.
Abdur Rahman stood up. He said in a pleading voice, O great man! Tell me who are you? Are you Socrates or Rabindranath or the messenger of God! Tell me who you are?
Abdur Rahman! You are unnecessarily upset. It is not at all important for you to know my identity. Better yet, you say, what you were thinking a little while ago.
‘I was thinking of two monkeys.
Said Abdur Rahman.
-There is no special difference between monkeys and humans. fiction
Said the miraculous man. The two monkeys thought that there were a lot of lice in the forest of your hair and they would eat them with fun. And, that’s why they sat at your feet. But when you see that there is no lice in your head. You are a clean person who does not grow lice. So you deserve their slap. Said the supernatural sage.
Then Abdur Rahman said in a more humble, more mournful voice, O great sage, have you heard of man becoming a bull!
-Of course. I told you about the monkey. It is not strange to grow horns on human heads. This is a terrible disease. You will not regret it. You are brave and struggling. Good news for you.
-O my great man, I saw all the gates of this city closed.
The sage smiled softly. And he said, no wonder! There is nothing to fear. When someone falls from the top to the bottom, all the doors of love are closed!
Fear not. All the doors will open again! You look at me. ‘
Abdur Rahman looked at the sage with frightened eyes. Then the sage raised his right hand and pointed his finger and said, look at that narrow path. Scattered hot stones, thorny. Take a good look and see a green tree standing at the end of the path. You have to go there. Said, sage.
-A-so far! The path is very inaccessible! How can I go so far!
Ask Abdur Rahman.
-Then you go! You have to go! As soon as you get there you will see all the doors open. You will feel the touch of cool air. And, as you cross this path, you will encounter many different experiences. Then you will compose an epic. fiction
– Then?
Said Abdur Rahman.
– Nothing after then. You travel now. Don’t ask any more questions. I’m with you
Abdur Rahman set off in silence. He came a long way to the miraculous tree. When he arrived here, he saw that a new day was about to begin. Sun is rising in the sky. The birds are singing . The cold wind is blowing. He saw many people beside him, a crowd of relatives. They have come to express their love to Abdur Rahman. There is a smile on their faces. Abdur Rahman is fascinated.
The great sage is standing next to him. Fascinated smile on his face. Abdur Rahman said, O great sage, thank you. Now you will give your identity!
– Of course, said the sage.
– Then tell me who you are!
– You’re still stupid. Can’t recognize yourself !!
The sage said in a mocking voice.
– That means!
Abdur Rahman’s voice is full of surprise.
– No meaning !
The wise man disappeared.




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